The importance of exercising regularly cannot be stressed enough. Many studies show exercise have a positive effect on bone density.

So add these simple activities to your daily life, and work your way to healthier bones!

What makes running a great exercise for stronger bones is that it works your weight-bearing bones in the legs, pelvis and spine. How that works is that these bones reform themselves to handle better the stress that running brings.

However, when running, make sure you eat right. Strong bones doesn't necessarily equate to high bone density, and bone density is the most important factor to take care of as you age.

The world's favourite gift from India - the health benefits of yoga can be hard to list. Yoga works the bones in hips, spine and wrist - the bones most vulnerable to fracture. Infact some studies say yoga can help not just slow down, but reverse the process of bone loss! Best yoga poses for boosting bone health are the downward dog, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or the bridge pose, and the standing poses like Warrior 1, Warrior 2 and the tree pose.

Brisk walking
We’re not lying! Brisk walking is a great way to help maintain your bones. Walking impacts the bones of legs and hips, and so is a great way to build stronger bones in your lower body. The best part though? Walking can be done anytime, anywhere, even on vacation!

Hiking uphill and downhill is a great way to build bones of the hip and legs. Show this to your boss when you plan your next hill vacation.

Who said exercise couldn’t be fun! You don’t have to be a star performer to try this workout routine for stronger bones. Simply get moving and groove your way to help achieve stronger bones.



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